Casino Max

Some online casinos are known for their Games, others are known for their Promotions and still some are known for their excellent customer service. Casino Max is known for a bit of all of those things and more. It's a newer online casino and it shows a lot of promise as an online location to play at. If you're interested in a quality online casino, there is a lot to be said about the features of Casino Max.

Top Notch Promotions

The thing that stands out the most about the casino online is the generous promotions that it offers. From the moment that you start playing at the casino you'll have the chance to earn as much as $9,000 in slot bonuses with just the first three deposits into the casino, and those bonuses are all a 300% match. That's nearly unheard of at most online casinos today.

Non-slot players can still enjoy a 150% match bonus and there are regular deposit bonuses given out to players after the initial welcome bonus set as well. As a new player you'll also enjoy a good set of 20 free spins every day for 10 days, giving you plenty of time to become acquainted with the different slot games and what you like from them.

Simple Customer Support

There's something truly enjoyable about high quality customer Support. It gives you the ability to get help when you run into problems. Players at Casino Max have three available options to seek out help after they start gambling online. They can call the casino, they can use the live chat service or send the man email. Each of the options is simple to make use of, but it's up to players the one that they decide to use. The important thing is that it's simple to get help if you need it.

A Decent Choice of Games

It's nice having options when it comes to the type of game that you want to play. Casino Max offers a good selection of slot games, of video poker games and table games. Choose the one that you want and you'll be rewarded generously with plenty of options to select from. Test out the long list of slot games and try for some of the top level progressive jackpots.

Try the high quality table games for a shot at blackjack, poker or roulette, or give the many different variations of video poker a try. There are plenty of options to test out at Casino Max.

Instant Play Casino

Another major benefit of playing at Casino Max is that you can enjoy the games without downloading any software at all. It's all Flash based, which means the games work in most web browsers on computer. It also means that the games will work on many Mobile Casino devices as well. If you like to gamble on the go, you'll enjoy the excellent mobile support that these Flash games offer you, which is nice for gambling when you aren't at home.

Casino Max isn't the right casino for everyone. It doesn't offer any sports betting at all, and doesn't offer the largest selection of games that you'll find online. It's a perfect option for players that enjoy the games that it does offer, and for players that want to get the biggest welcome bonuses after joining. If you value what Casino Max has to offer, give the site a try.

Built on RTG Software

RTG or Realtime Gaming is a popular software company that makes leading casino games for players from around the world. It's the company that Casino Max is built on top of, which is why gamblers enjoy picking from the large selection of games so much. There are modern-day slots, classic slot games, table games and more to choose from. The games run flawlessly and they are designed to offer some very exciting special features and bonuses that just aren't available on games made by other software providers.

Are American, European, Canadian or Australian Players Accepted?

Casino Max accepts a good mix of players from around the world, but there are some limitations concerning which countries can play at the site. Canadian players and American Players are both readily welcome and can easily join up with the site. Australian players aren't accepted, and many of the European countries aren't allowed either. Gamblers from these locations will have to go to a different online casino instead to enjoy online wagering.

Play for Free

Any players that want to try out what the site has to offer can do so for free without having to sign up or risk any money in the process. These players won't have access to all of the features, but they will be able to use most of the different games offered. To do this they simply visit the website that holds all the different casino games. Once on the site the players can click on the games they want to play and try them in demo mode. In this mode the game works just like it normally would, but it's played with play money rather than real funds. This is a simple way for gamblers to test out the casino games without risking real money in the process.

Wagering with Real Money

For the players that decide they want to wager with real money for a chance to win some real-life prizes, getting started is simple and there are some very exciting prize winning opportunities available to those that are willing to seek them out. Players can sign up to the casino and start playing on the same day. The site offers instant-play games and doesn't require any downloads to begin wagering. Not only that, but gamblers can sign up and make their deposit in minutes with the right method. Once members, it's simple to start playing with real money and it's something that most gamblers can do with ease.

A Regularly Updated Slot Library

Members of Casino Max have access to a vast library of slot games that is updated frequently. That means that gamblers can easily swap between different games and also test out the new games as they come out. New games come out monthly, giving long-time players lots of new options to play around with over time and something to look forward to. For players that like to have new options to try out, Casino Max can be a good full-time casino to consider playing at.

Slot Tournaments are Available

For all the players out there that aren't willing to settle with playing standard slots against the computer alone, there are slot tournaments to help make things more interesting. These tournaments give gamblers a chance to go up against other players to make things more exciting. Slot tournaments have players wager on common slots over a set period of time to see which players can win the most on the games. The players that manage to win the most during the tournament period will walk away with a special tournament prize payout. These tournaments are hosted frequently and create another way to play the same slot games.

A Giant Welcome Bonus

It really pays to be a new player at Casino Max. The site offers gamblers up to $3,000 in bonus cash with a 300% deposit match just for joining up and making an initial deposit. That's a large welcome bonus no matter how you look at it and it's something to get excited about. This welcome bonus is available to use for new players up to three times, giving them a huge amount of money to unlock if they are willing to make large enough deposits into the site when getting started.

Daily Bonus Rewards

Even after going through all the impressive welcome bonus offers there are still bonuses for players to unlock as they play through one round after the other at Casino Max. These special bonus offers all require deposits into the site, but they can help maximize the money that you have to wager with while playing on the site. The bonuses change along with the day of the week, but there are many serios opportunities to unlock bonus funds while playing on the site, you just have to seek them out.

Get Started Playing with Free Money from No Deposit Bonuses

There is a range of no deposit bonuses that are available for use at Casino Max. These special offers are designed to allow players to try gambling with real money without risking their own money. These offers are available through no deposit codes obtainable through email or through other websites. These codes make getting started at the site for free quick and easy to do.

Deposit Bonuses for New and Existing Players

Both new and long-term players at Casino Max can unlock massive deposit bonuses that will improve their play experience at the site, they just have to use the right codes along with a sizeable deposit in order to do so. New gamblers can get up to $3,000 with the 300% deposit match welcome bonus. Ongoing players have daily bonuses they can use for additional free money tied to special events, new games and more.

Pick From Ever-Changing Daily, Weekly and Monthly Offers

The long-term gamblers at this casino have changing offers to choose from every time they visit. There are daily offers to always look at, and regular weekly and monthly offers as well. These are the perks of playing at the site often and will reward dedicated players in a big way. Some days there are cashback offers, other days come with deposit bonuses or instant credits.

Try New Slots Using Free Spin Bonuses

Although they are given out infrequently, there are many different types of free spin bonuses available at this casino site. These offers make it easy to try out new slot games and to try for exciting wins as well. Most offers give between 50 and 250 free spins. Keep watch for these codes to test out the newest slot games released here.

No VIP Program but a Simple Loyalty Solution

Players that remain loyal to this casino will enjoy access to some loyalty perks. Each of the games at this casino rewards gamblers with bonus points as they play. Those points can be traded in for bonus cash at a rate of 100 points for every $1 in bonus money. This isn't the same as an actual VIP program, which the site doesn't offer, but it's still a way to earn perks over time.

Holiday and Event Bonuses

One of the best ways to celebrate holidays and special events is to get onto Casino Max and make use of the many different promotions that pop up during this period. There are so many different offers that there is usually an option that you can benefit from. Look out for these different opportunities and unlock free spins and bonus cash around these special times.

How to Use a Bonus Code

Using a bonus code is simple at this online platform. Simply sign in to your account, go to the banking section and enter in a bonus code that you want to use. If you aren't sure of the different bonuses currently available you can see them in the promotions section of the site. Pick the ones you like best and leverage them for the free money, free spins or whatever perks they happen to offer you.

Pay Attention to the Bonus Terms

Each bonus offer is given out at this casino and most other online casinos come with a set of terms. These terms determine whether you'll qualify for the bonus money or not. Make sure that you understand the offer and all the terms that come along with it so you can make the most of every bonus that you decide to make use of. Some bonuses come with time limits, others have deposit limits, wagering requirements or some other sort of requirement that you must meet in order to unlock your money.

Excellent Mobile Support

No modern-day casino would be complete without mobile support for the gamblers that want to wager on the go. Players at Casino Max can place bets and use all the different slot and table games anywhere they like thanks to the top-tier mobile support. Players can wager on Androids, Windows Phones, iOS devices, Blackberries and more as long as they have a modern web browser. The different devices will all load the site in a mobile web browser and run it on the optimized layout that's designed to run fast and offer access to all the best games that the site has to offer.

Instant Play Online

There's no reason to download any software to play around at Casino Max. Instead, gamblers can easily get started almost immediately after signing in by clicking on the site and loading games straight in the web browser. This is known as an instant play casino and it's very convenient to have available. This instant play casino makes gambling quick and easy, and it also makes it simple to switch from one device to another.

Play without Registering

Thanks to the way that the casino is designed it's possible to play the different games without going through the registration process. Simply click on the section of games that you want to play around with, then click on the game that you want to load. Enable Flash Player in your browser and the game will load up and allow you to start wagering with play money. It's possible to test out most of the games offered at Casino Max with this feature, even though players can't wager real money when using this feature.

A Solid Affiliate Program

For marketers looking for a decent casino to market Casino Max works with the Legends Affiliates program, which is a world-class affiliate network that gives users access to a few quality casinos that they can also promote. The platform gives promoters a 50% revenue share for the first two months, and then between 25% and 45% depending on how well the site performs over that time and how many new players begin wagering. Promoters looking for a big chance to unlock major revenue should consider marketing for Casino Max and the Legend Affiliates network.

No Sports Betting Support

There is no support for sports betting at Casino Max at the moment. That means that gamblers interested in placing sports bets will have to go to another site in order to do that. With that said, there are still plenty of exciting wagering opportunities on the site. Gamblers can load up a variety of different casino games to play around with. It's possible to be a member of Casino Max and a sportsbook at the same time as well. Doing that makes it easy to wager on your favorite sporting events and to keep sports betting money and casino money separate as well.

No Blogs or Forum

Even though the site doesn't offer its own forum or even a blog to keep up with the latest news for the site, it's easy to see what's going on at Casino Max quickly and easily. To do this simply look at the home page of the casino website. New promotional offers and special announcements are listed right on the home page of the site. Gamblers that must talk with others on a forum can also do so at a different gambling forum, though it could be difficult finding other players that use Casino Max there.

No Live Dealer Support

One of the features that Casino Max is lacking is support for live dealer games. Gamblers that know the excitement of live dealer wagering will feel like something is missing when they go to play on the site and don't have at least a few live dealer games to choose from. Live dealer games give gamblers access to a real dealer that they can see and that runs the game that they are playing on. These dealers make the games feel more realistic and can help enhance the wagering experience for some players.

Many Deposit Methods

There are many different deposit methods available to players at Casino Max that want to fund their accounts. These players can make use of credit or debit cards for one of the simplest deposit methods available. If that doesn't sound exciting enough, there are also eWallet services like Skrill, Neteller and EcoPayz. Finally, there are bank transfers that can be used to move money directly from a bank account. Each of these methods can work well when used properly and for the right purposes. Having access to all of these methods is beneficial for gamblers that want to change how they make deposits and how quickly their money is available.

Effective Withdrawal Tools

After getting a good win at the casino it's important to have a way to take out those winnings so you can spend them and celebrate. Fortunately, there are several different tools available. There are bank transfers for players that are patient enough to go through that process. There are also several different eWallet services available. Services like Skrill and EcoPayz are rapid and powerful tools for moving money around affordably. They can work faster than a bank withdrawal and still give you full access to your winnings.

No Crypto Support

Some of the new casinos are beginning to accept cryptocurrency coins as a form of payment, but this is not true for every online casino. Casino Max doesn't accept cryptocurrencies just yet, and gamblers that want to make use of them will have to settle for one of the other payment methods instead. That means using something like an eWallet or bank transfer instead.