Big Bopper Slots

The Big Bopper slot game is a real nostalgic treat for music fans for singers from the 1930’s through the 50’s. This online slot game features the Big Bopper himself singing some of his most famous tunes. You’ll be able to enjoy some truly high quality music, good solid graphics and decent payouts all with this online slot game. If that sounds like a good time to you then you’re really in for a treat. Read on to learn just exactly what this slot has to offer.

Triple Wilds

The Big Bopper himself serves as the wild in this slot game and will help you complete a whole range of prize combinations as you play along. From the moment that you start this slot game the Big Bopper can help you triple nearly all of your prize payouts as long as he’s involved with the win. That means you want the wild symbol out on the reels as often as possible and you can win some serious prizes as long as you’re using it.

Excellent Bonus Rounds

There are a few different special bonus rounds offered by this slot game but they all involve the Big Bopper singing one of his most famous hit tunes. Chantillily Lace is the main bonus feature and as long as the song’s going you have a chance at unlocking prizes the entire time that it plays. You’ll notice prize after prize wracking up as you listen to the tune and improve your chances of winning big from this slot game.

There’s also a special free spin round where you can unlock up to 45 free spins with up to a 10x multiplier on every prize that pays out during those rounds. You can see how that sort of bonus would add up very quickly and could leave you with some significant prizes over time.

The Big Bopper casino game packs in good music and excellent graphics to create a top-tier gambling experience for anyone that’s a fan of the era. If you want to head down memory lane while enjoying a top-notch musical experience, give this online slot a try. All the special features alone make the game worth trying, but the music and the graphics only serve to make it even more enjoyable still. You’ll have a hard time not enjoying this slot experience. The Big Bopper is a slot worth playing and it’s something that players will join casinos specifically to try out. Even if you dont’ like the music, the huge top prizes and massive potential for winning make the game worth playing.