Legend Affiliates

Legend Affiliates offers an excellent earning opportunity to anyone that’s interested in promoting casino games and entertainment offerings. It’s a well-known brand with generous compensation models and plenty of partners to promote. When you work with Legend Affiliates, you’re forming a partnership that can earn you a lot of money over time, and a partnership that’s meant to last over the long term. Working with this company is forming a business, and it’s worth the effort if you do it right.

Adding New Casinos Regularly

As a casino promoter it’s important to be able to work with some of the newest and edgiest casinos in the industry. These sites offer the best welcome bonuses and are generally the most lucrative to promote. That’s why Legend Affiliates is constantly adding new high quality casinos to its portfolio. If you are looking for a high quality casino to promote, or you’re tired of promoting the same old offerings, Legend Affiliates has a lot to offer.

Generous Welcome Bonus

All new affiliates have a lot to gain during their first two months as members of the program. That’s because Legend Affiliates offers a 50% revenue share during the first two months that you’re a member of the program. During this period you can cash in big and generate a surprisingly large amount of income by promoting the right casino offers. There is a lot of money to be made from this casino, and it’s simpler than you think to get going.

Reasonable Revenue Share Over Time

After the two month promotional period with Legend Affiliates, there’s a standard revenue share model that you’re subjected to. As your earnings with their partners increase, so will your total revenue share. The lowest level of earnings is 25% and you’ll get that while sitting at between $0 and $10,000. Once you surpass that level you’re earnings will bump up by 5% up to a peak of 45% all the time once you pass over the $45,000 earnings level. The better you do, the more you’ll be rewarded as a partner of Legend Affiliates.

No Bundled Commissions

Another nice thing about Legend Affiliates is that the organization doesn’t bundle together the brands cumulatively. Negative earnings aren’t bundled with other brands, making it much easier to reach top revenue share levels with different brands that are performing well. The poor performers won’t bring you down, making it easier to achieve the best possible rates while working with the company.

Finding the right affiliate program to use when promoting casinos and sportsbooks can be difficult to do, because there are so many to choose from. Legend Affiliates stands out among all those other options though, and is considered to be one of the best be serious marketers because of they’re reputable design. Legend Affiliates offers transparent payment systems, helpful support systems and big brands that are easy to promote.

Good for US Marketers

Many affiliate programs aren’t designed for US players are promoters based in the states. Legend Affiliates is different. They’re focused on US players and make an excellent option for US promoters. Each of the available brands accepts US players, and they offer impressive promotional offers that will draw in gamblers effectively. With massive welcome bonuses the casinos are easier to market in a country that already has good solid casino options to choose from.

Quality Brands

Every serious promoter knows that an affiliate program is only as good as the brands it’s connected to. With brands like CherryJackpot, CasinoMax and Roaring21 there is a lot to work with. These sites offer welcome bonuses worth thousands of dollars, they have impressive game libraries from Realtime Gaming and they support advanced features like mobile wagering, instant play and more. The casinos come with recognizable games, solid features and plenty of good bonuses to help draw in new players. What more could you want from them?

Good Solid Commissions

The revenue share is also pretty impressive, especially for the more successful members at Legend Affiliates. The new members will start with a 50% revenue share for their first two months, then will earn between 25% and 45% revenue share depending on how much revenue they’re bringing in with their affiliates. The earning potential is good at Legend Affiliates, especially in the first few months for marketers that can get started quickly.

Legend Affiliates is simple to join and a good solid affiliate program for marketers that want to focus on American customers. While each of the casinos that are represented by the program are equipped with Curacao licenses, they are all designed to be accepting to American players. They’re rich with features and make a compelling option for players that are interested in getting started with online gambling or for players that are looking for a new casino with a more powerful welcome bonus. The program starts off slow with just 25% revenue share after the introductory period, but the most successful affiliates will quickly climb to higher percentages and unlock the more exciting commission rates offered.

Legend Affiliates is a solid first company to start with when looking to get into promoting casinos, and it’s an excellent option for experienced affiliates as well. The rates are generous, plenty of quality casinos are available to promote and there is a lot to be gained by working with the organization.