Snowmania Slots

Get into the holiday spirit with the beautiful Snowmania slot game. This exciting slot game puts you straight into the heart of a winter wonderland experience. You're greeted by a friendly snowman, and the whole screen is made up of snowy trees with snow on the ground and ice and snow in the background. You can almost fell the chill through your computer screen while playing this game, and the custom symbols all have a fun holiday theme that only serves to enhance the game further as you play along with it. Give it a try and you'll quickly see just how much fun a winter wonderland themed slot game can be.

It's all About the Stocking

While playing this slot game the important thing to remember is that the stocking symbol is the most valuable, followed closely by the bell. Get five stockings and you'll be rewarded with a very generous 2,500 coins. Get four and you'll still walk away with 250 coins. Get five bells and you'll enjoy 1,000 coins, and four will leave you with 100 coins. Either way there is a lot of money at stake while playing this slot game, and the other symbols pay out a decent amount as well with the star, the Santa hat, and the carrot all paying out more than 100 coins if you get five of them.

Special Multiplier Feature

This fun holiday slot game has a special multiplier feature that gives you even more for every spin of the reel once you start winning. As you win with this slot game the multiplier gauge will go up and you'll end up winning larger prizes as you play. The gauge starts off on 1x, but can quickly climb to 2x, 3x or even 5x during the standard round of the slot game. Once you are in the bonus round of the game you can go all the way up to 15x, giving you the potential to win up to 37,500 coins from a top win. That's a huge potential bonus that can leave you with a whole lot of cash with a bit of luck on your side.

Free spin Bonus

There's a special free spin bonus round that you can trigger by getting three or more of the present symbols. Get enough of the scatters and you'll enjoy 10 free spins and a higher top multiplier opportunity as well. Sure you need enough luck to unlock the free spins, but once you do that's when the huge prizes really begin to roll in!

Crush Down Feature

Each time that you get a winning combination of symbols on the reels of this slot game, the symbols will actually crush down out of the reels and get replaced with something else. If you win again from the new symbols that drop down you get a multiplied win. This continues through a chain of wins until you are getting top multipliers on your wins and some significant prizes from the slot game. This is particularly easy to do when you have some wilds involved and a large enough prize combination, so it's pretty common to get chains of prizes in this slot game.

Snowmania is a fun slot game with enough features to keep most standard players busy for a long time. You will take some time to get used to the game, and once you do you won't want to stop playing it!